About 3.0.1 release and 3.1.0 release

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to thank you all for helping me reach more than 2700 downloads. I hope you are enjoying the new Smart mode feature. It’s pretty cool combined with Speech-to-text Smile. In 3.1.0 release there will be major widget improvements and one or two new themes. Themes will be applied to widgets in 3.1.0. I am also working on Google tasks sync but it wont be ready for 3.1.0.

If you have any feature ideas, a suggestion or need support send me an e-mail using feedback option in TaskBot Settings.



2.5.0 is still under development

Hi everyone,

I will be uploading TaskBot 2.5.0 hopefully in 1 week. Changelog till now looks pretty much like this:

– Smart mode (Beta)

– Inpirational Quotes section in New Task and Edit Task menu. (togglable)

– Custom Due date Picker with “No Date” option and smaller title font

– Tasks due today have a blue font for date text.

– Major code rewrite for Notifications. You will be notified for tasks due today too now

– German translation

– Auto-Correct for title input in New and Edit Task Windows.

– Speech-to-Text input will be automatically capitalized

– Bug-fix for widget

Thanks to all TaskBot users for helping me reach more than 2000 downloads. Your feedback is, as always, much appreciated. I hope this update will be worth the wait for you 🙂

– Cloudgiant

About 2.5.0 Progress

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a date parsing algorithm at the moment. I tried to use simple logic for date parsing but it didn’t work that well. I read a little bit about natural language processing and now I have a better understanding about how to write that algorithm properly. That means another week or so for next update because I have to rewrite the whole parsing library but believe me it will be worth it.

– Cloudgiant

2.5.0 plans

Hi everyone,

for 2.5.0 I have a great feature under development. I’m also switching from windows to elementary OS (GNU/Linux based). When this new feature is more stable I will hopefully post a video about it because it’s not something that I can show you with screenshots. ^^ Feel free to send me your feature requests for 2.5.0 via feedback option in TaskBot Winking smile

– Cloudgiant

2.4.1 plans

Hi TaskBot lovers,

I’m working on 2.4.1 already. (yep no break for poor dev) with 2.4.1 I will add speech recognition to TaskBot. I want to also add one theme. I just want to make it clear that making a theme isn’t an easy task for a single developer. I do design and implementation so it takes a little longer to bring you a new theme for TaskBot. I’m hoping to finish my super secret and awesome feature for 2.5.0. It will combine with speech recognition perfectly Winking smile If you want to test this feature send me an email using feedback option in TaskBot (Menu button> Settings> Feedback)

– Cloudgiant

2.4.0 Update

Hi everyone,

2.4.0 is available on market now ^^. This update adds theme feature to TaskBot. I will add more themes soon. I’m also working on a pretty awesome feature. If you want to help by testing it before release, send me a mail via feedback option. As always, if you need any support or find a bug please send me feedback using Feedback option in TaskBot (Menu Button> Settings> Feedback)


2.4.0 almost ready | minecraft theme?!?

Hi TaskBot lovers,

Update is almost ready. In 2-3 days I will release the update. I’ll release leather theme first. And with next update I will add the red stiches theme. I also want to make a minecraft theme for TaskBot. I wrote a mail to Notch 2 days ago but didn’t get a response. I hope he gives me permission to do that since TaskBot needs some pixel art love too in my opinion Smile 

– Cloudgiant