Since 2.1.0 TaskBot has Due date feature. With TaskBot v.2.1.2 you can see your due dates on your widgets. but what about Overdue tasks? They are shown red in the list but something was missing. Thats right. Status bar notifications!

With 2.2.0 You won’t have to check if you have an overdue Task. TaskBot will tell you with a notification everyday how many overdue Tasks you have (if you have any).

Another new Feature will be different sorting options for your To-Dos. 2.2.0 update will have these sorting options:

  • Alphabetical order
  • Importance order
  • Due Date Order

These options will be accessible via Menu Button.

Translations for several languages are on the way too. Let me know if you want to help via Feedback option in TaskBot (Menu > Feedback).

Thanks for using TaskBot