Hi everyone,

I will be uploading TaskBot 2.5.0 hopefully in 1 week. Changelog till now looks pretty much like this:

– Smart mode (Beta)

– Inpirational Quotes section in New Task and Edit Task menu. (togglable)

– Custom Due date Picker with “No Date” option and smaller title font

– Tasks due today have a blue font for date text.

– Major code rewrite for Notifications. You will be notified for tasks due today too now

– German translation

– Auto-Correct for title input in New and Edit Task Windows.

– Speech-to-Text input will be automatically capitalized

– Bug-fix for widget

Thanks to all TaskBot users for helping me reach more than 2000 downloads. Your feedback is, as always, much appreciated. I hope this update will be worth the wait for you 🙂

– Cloudgiant