Your layout goddammit!

I will be honest here Android’s image processing is pissing me off. Images I sliced from photoshop are rendered horribly. Well I managed to show images good enough but they wont be 100% same as photoshop  Mockup. Here is how New Task window looks like


– Cloudgiant


Themes under development

Hi everyone,

I wrote a lot of code in last 2 days. Since I haven’t planned implementing Themes as I started writing TaskBot 1.0 It was quite a challenge to implement it. I had to make a major rewrite of code. BUT it was totally worth it. Here is a screenshot from alpha stage of 2.4.0 with leather theme.



Nope this is not a Mockup! it was taken from my Nexus S Smile I am hoping to finish writing theme framework in two days.


– Cloudgiant

about 2.4.0 and an awesome upcoming feature

Hi fellow TaskBot users,

I made coding design final today. It looks like i will have to write layouts for every single window in TaskBot for every theme. For example for Settings, Pick a Font, To-do List, New Task, Edit Task window and all that stuff you get what i mean.

I will start slicing Photoshop Mockups of Themes and converting them to android friendly layouts tomorrow after i finish Theme Picker window. (which will be quite similar to Pick a Font window, I don’t want to make different layout designs for everything since this ruins the User experience. And I don’t want to ruin your experience because you are awesome).

I also want to make it clear that I will add more themes in the future. It’s not like I won’t add any themes after 2.4.0. This update will only serve as framework for theming. Good Designs from TaskBot users are also welcome (you can send me Mockups). ^^

Thank you for all your kind reviews, I read them everyday again and again when I take a break from coding. It means a lot to me. Without your reviews and ratings TaskBot wouldn’t be the same.

PS: I am also working on an awesome feature. If you want to help me by testing it feel free to send me an e-mail through feedback option in TaskBot.

– Cloudgiant

Last Theme for 2.4.0


This is the last theme for 2.4.0. I don’t want to make you wait any longer for next release 😉 And i must write the code for theme picker and design layouts for it etc. I can’t give you an exact date but I’m hoping to release it in one week. I will post the theme picker design too when its finished ^^

Stay tuned for 2.4.0 It will be the best looking Update ever!

– Cloudgiant

Another Theme with stiches


for 2.4.0 Release of TaskBot

One Theme Mockup for upcoming Themes Feature


Just one theme i have been working on for 2.4.0 release. I will upload more when they are finished. Feel free to send me Theme mockups if you make any for TaskBot 🙂


2.3.0 update is here! (finally :D )

2.3.0 update brings password protection to TaskBot. now you can give your phone to someone else without worrying about him or her look at your super secret To-do List 🙂 I will take a break today and tomorrow i will start implementing different themes for TaskBot. If you need help or find a bug in 2.3.0 use feedback option please 🙂

– Cloudgiant